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Full Version: [$600] #58 | Individual Sub-component Skills/Research | Requires: #57
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Price: $600

Description: Currently, the game has four research categories and a handful of skills. This bounty will create individual skill ratings for each sub-component design.

The player improves their skills with the sub-component by using those sub-components or by devoting research team funding toward them. 

All company's skills will increase slowly over time in all categories as technologies become more commonplace and the knowledge becomes more widespread.

Until bounty #59 is funded, a the player will be given a small ratings bonus to designs that use the sub-components.

This bounty will also redesign the Research Teams window to show all possible sub-components for each class of sub-components so that you can assign research budgets to each category. We'll likely separate the sub-components via tabs.

Requirements:  #57

Required By: #59, #323

Concerns: In the past, the main concern was how to handle dynamic sub-component entries (because of mods) in the database. I believe most performance concerns are gone with hash maps. We can store all sub-component skills in a single table with some index values.

GUI-wise, the research team window will need a complete revision. The Skill Reports will need alterations too.

Eric's Opinion: This is an often requested feature. When paired with the Remove 1-100 Rating Limit bounty, this bounty will really allow you to differentiate yourself against other companies. This bounty has a discount applied to it in the hopes that it is approved.