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[$800] #323 Expand AI Behavior To Favor Specific Components | Requires: #58
Price: $800

Description: This bounty would add data to the AI Behaviors system that allows modders to set a company's propensity to specific component designs. For example, making companies focus specifically on EVs or Steam engines. Currently, the default game randomizes AI Behaviors, and we override some of the systems internally to make the AI stronger. Hopefully, that won't be the case in the future.

This bounty requires #58 because if we're going to limit AI companies to a narrow band of components, I would like them to be able to improve their ability to use those components.

Requirements: #58

Required By: None

Concerns: Much of the AI behavioral system has been cut back over the years to keep the AI competitive and not go bankrupt. The major risk of this bounty is that AI companies specializing in niche designs will fail. The game does not scale to the small side well. Of course, historically, companies that specialized in EVs and Steam did fail during much of Automotive history.

Eric's Opinion: I originally intended the behavior system to be similar to this bounty. I designed it to force companies who built sports and supercars to create nothing but sports and supercars. It worked well, but the game world can only handle so many supercar companies. And the game did not scale low enough to allow these companies to be profitable on a small scale. The end result was a dead world. So, I made the AI design other vehicle types outside their niche but with their behavior variables. This change still caused companies to fail fast. Thus, many of the behavior variables do not have much weight anymore. They're also randomized now in the default AI files. This bounty is unlikely to fix these issues with the game.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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