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Full Version: [$750] #12 | Dynamic Apply Button Coloring | Requires #11
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Price: $750

Description: Have the Apply/Save/Edit buttons in a grey state, disabled, until the player makes changes that require these buttons to be pressed. Then enable the buttons and change their colors.

Requirements: #11

Required By: None

Concerns: There is a lot of places in the code where this can fail. Particularly with widgets enabling or disabling the buttons. Also, many GUI widgets have no call-back functions, so I will have to implement those to make the changes to the button. That greatly increases the code base. Then some buttons have multi-uses based on what you did previously. This system could result in many obscure bugs that would take time and user frustration to fix. In short, this ticket would cause an internal mess that may result in bugs that will need to be fixed with community input over time.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty is great on paper, but with how the code and UI library are designed, it's one of those things that might result in me getting bogged down in bug fixes. I have to inflate this bounty to compensate for what I suspect will be many months of troubleshooting and bug fixes to broken/stuck buttons.