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GearCity Open Beta 1.02
Hello all, It's that time of the month again! Time for an update for GearCity. I meant to release this yesterday, but it took my super fast high speed Internet 7 hours to upload. Sad

GearCity Open Beta 1.02 Full Install here:
GearCity Open Beta 1.01->1.02 Patch Here:

Or you can just find them on

This new build includes two major features. First we have the Racing System which you saw in the previews. Essentially in the Racing System your team contributes funding, engines, or entire vehicles where needed. The game takes in statistics about your component, plus your racing pedigree, and a few other variables and comes up with seasonal results. As of right now not all the Racing series have been added. Eventually we'll have most major series in the game with some mimic format. Also racing system does not effect sales yet, nor does it generate any achievements or memos. We'll be adding these features very soon.

The other major feature is one you can not see. It's the new buying system. I did a complete rewrite of the internal systems used to make consumer buying decisions. This resulted in an 85% reduction in code, thus making it easier to add features to factor into consumer decisions.

In 1.02, you'll see it's a little easier to move units. Don't worry it's only temporary until I factor in marketing (which I already did last night, but it's not in the release), image/prestige, and few more tricks we have planned.

Here is the change log for 1.02:

Bugs Fixes:
Applying Leather to Slate Pickup
Empty Contract Crash
Newspaper crash when Porfirio Diaz causes chaos.
Tweaked Loan Interest, if the game thinks your close to losing the rates will go up!
Negative interest bug.
Company Takeovers without proper funding.
Discontinued vehicles will automatically be removed from production.
Employee count in View Factory wrong.
Strongarm Sidney logo causes crash in stock window.
Striking workers wages that are changed in HR does not stop striking.
Production Line employees are not the same.
New company warning memo not firing.
Bunch of AI tweaks.

New Features:
Racing System
New Buying System
Monthly branch and factory cost increase per turn
Vehicle and components prices decrease per turn.

Patch Feedback:
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