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How to survive in 2nd Gear?
I am having trouble starting my company playing the way I used to play with the vanilla version.
I play normal mode, with import taxes, inflation and pension benefit. All skills/image set to 20. Every other setting stays untouched
The usual city map (don't remember the name), 300 AI

In vanilla I love to play two types of "campaigns"
  1. Canadian Company. I start selling in Canada and the U.S. until 1905. Then I build factories and branches in Australia and Europe.
  2. European company (usually Italian or French). I start selling mainly in the US* and just very little in Europe. Between 1901 and 1902 I build factories in the USA. In 1905 I build more factories in my own country and open branches in Europe. Between 1906 and 1907 I build in Australia.

In both cases around 1906-1907 my company is well established and never required to go public through an IPO
In both cases the first car I design is a coupe intended to be sold mainly in the US market (low competition for a coupe there). Chassis costs max 160, engine around 260, gear around 200.
In my most successful save as an Italian company I even created a marque in 1905 (which means I could afford "wasting" ~1 MLN pretty early on)

Now, I tried to replicate those two "campaigns" in 2nd Gear.
  • The Canadian campaign got off to a good start on the third attempt. In 1905 I am well established in the US. But don't have funds enough to build factories in Europe/Australia yet and, most importantly, I had to undertake an IPO in order to avoid bankruptcy
  • The European campaign always fails, no matter what, before reaching 1905. In spite of the fact I had thru an Ipo every single time

(The initial coupè is also always pretty lame. 30-31 overall, 9-12 specific)

Now since my old ways don't work anymore, and 2nd Gear seems a bit more difficult, what would you suggest?


*I know it's unrealistic, but the only viable way I found to start as an Italian company was selling cars in the US to take advatage of the lower competition.

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