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[$600] #322 Auto-Sell Compensate For Shipping | Requires #183
Price: $600

Description: With Bounty #183, we'll be adding a way for the player to adjust the margins of the Auto-Sell system. This bounty adds to that system by allowing the auto-sell system to compensate for shipping costs when calculating the Auto-Sell price. The system will allow players to choose between the highest possible shipping costs, lowest possible shipping costs, and last turn's average shipping costs.

Requirements: #183

Required By: None

Concerns: Calculating shipping costs before the vehicles ship is a time-consuming thing to do. This bounty might introduce some degraded performance when processing auto-sales or turn times. Shipping locations and shipping costs also change frequently, so we'll need to constantly update the auto-sales numbers, whereas the current system and the margin systems only need to be done once.

Eric's Opinion: Shipping costs vary by many factors in the game. So, setting just a pure margin in the auto-sale system won't guarantee you make that margin because of shipping costs. With this system, the game should get you closer to the margin you set for the Auto-Sell system by compensating for the shipping costs.

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