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[$500] #309 Bulk Marque Changer | Requires: #308
Price: $500

Description: When a player needs to change many vehicle marques, doing it individually would take a lot of time. This tool provides a way to change multiple vehicle's marques at once. We'll do this with a window that lists the vehicles on the left. The player can select as many vehicles as wish from the list. There will also be a drop-down to select all vehicles of a specific marque. Finally, to the right, we'll have a list of marques available and a button to make the change.

Requirements: #308

Required By: None

Concerns: This bounty has the same concerns as #308. Also, I will need to figure out where I can put the launcher button for this tool. It should probably be in the same place you rename vehicles or in the Mega Menu Auto Tools. I lean to the latter.

Eric's Opinion: Many people wanting to change the marque of a design do so when they purchase a marque. They wish to move all the vehicles of that marque to a different marque and then discontinue the marque. This bounty would make it easier to do such actions.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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