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My 2 cents (game mood board)
Hi, firstly, I'm a long-time tycoon genre player. I started gaming with my old 486 PC and liked all automotive \ transport simulations and strategies a lot. 
I play a lot of hardcore simracing games, and at the same time, very old (usually) but "fruity" in-depth management games. My game library consists of such titles like Airline Tycoon 1, Aerobiz Supersonic, Pharaoh, Capitalism II, Gearcity (of course!), Airbucks, Ocean Trader, F1 Manager 2022, F1 Manager Professional, etc.. 

Instead of copying most of other guys wrote here, I will try to share a "mood board" of games that, in my opinion, should impact AeroMogul. 
I really can't stand online-only games and MMORPG, etc. So I will not put them here. Their number on the list don't really matter.

1) Aerobiz Supersonic. Because, to have a inviting and interesting game, you don't have to show player a lot of stats and data. Because, first and foremost, it's a game. And people play games to get entertained. I'm not telling that game shouldn't try to be historically accurate, but the game mechanics and immersion is much more important for average player. 

Also, Aerobiz even though, looks simple, has a nice simulation of most Airline management aspects, including focus on human relations (relations with plane manufacturers, governments and own board of directors), developing and managing hubs and routes, pricing, marketing and business ventures. BTW, they still managed to include historically accurate planes and manufacturers.

2) Airline Tycoon 1. Because, this game is a good example of good visualization style that, on the other hand, covers pretty serious economic model. Also, AT1 has very good scheduling and side jobs (charter) mechanics and visuals. For me, finding charter flights was more interesting than having an own route working.

3) Ocean Trader (DOS game). Because it shows pretty good variety of random events occurring to your company and ships.

4) F1 Manager Professional (1996 DOS game by Software 2000 developer). Because it's a very in-depth game managing to put a nice visualizations over several F1 real life processes like tuning the engine (mini-game) before race, assembling the car and looking parts wear, purchasing parts. I think the UI will be useful to study before the Aeromogul development

My best wishes to the VENT team. I sincerely hope the AeroMogul will be even more success than GearCity.
Quote:My best wishes to the VENT team. I sincerely hope the AeroMogul will be even more success than GearCity.

Thank you much for the kind words.

Having played all the games on this list, I'll draw heavy inspiration from AeroBiz Supersonic, especially for the casual game modes. I loathe the visual style of the Airline Tycoon series. However, the game will probably have a chartering system similar to GearCity's contracting system. That may or may not make the cut depending on how things progress. AM will also have many events in the game, similar to an improved system over what GearCity has. As far as UI, AM has a much more modern UI design, using a modern UI tool kit. I'm not sure F1MP will be very applicable. If you're an FBS subscriber, you should have an idea of where the UI is going already. If not, there should be a few screenshots in the GearCity announcement, however.
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Thanks for the reply, Eric. I see now, that AM should be an interesting project. Looking forward to play it someday.

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