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GearCity v2.0.0.8

Version is now out on Steam and GOG. This update is another bug-fix patch of things submitted to me over the last few months. There is nothing too big in this update. But there are a few moderate and small bug fixes.

Depending on what FBS Contributors fund in our Feature Bounty System, the next update will be in conjunction with the FBS DLC release.

In other news,

The Feature Bounty System crowdfunding milestone is 74.4% funded, and we have four more months to go. We are highly likely to reach the first milestone goal! That means new features in GearCity for FBS contributors. (Eventually, those features will become free to everyone else.) If you want to know more about the FBS system, please view our stickies in the forums.

As some may know, I have spent the last 6 months working on our next game, AeroMogul. AeroMogul is an airline management business simulator. I'm pleased to report that progress is going very well. The graphical client, including airports, routes, and the first iteration of some of the UI, is complete. I would love to share an early teaser trailer, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine has hampered artwork production. So instead, you'll get a couple of screenshots.

[Image: t_pr1.png]

[Image: t_pr2.png]

[Image: t_pr3.png]

I am now working on the economics engine for the game. It is called Beardgine III Economic Engine. It is the next iteration of the economics engine found in GearCity's Beardgine I and Beardgine II. However, it is just an economic engine, whereas Beardgine I and II were entire game engines specifically designed for GearCity. I am using Unity3D for AeroMogul's graphical client. Just a little tech talk for those who are interested. 

Change Log:
-Bugfix: Fixed Districting Tutorial's title bar text.
-Bugfix: Fixed contract prices not updating when changing contracts.
-Bugfix: Fixed Redesign button issues in RnD->Modify->Components
-Engine: Help->Manual  now directs to the Japanese Wiki when playing in Japanese
-Engine: Updated CEF on MacOS.
-Bugfix: Fixed issue that was causing incorrect new generation when using refit system.
-Bugfix: Fixed TV and Internet marketing date mismatches.
-Bugfix: Fixed massive dropdown box item issues when massive GUI scaling (above 100%/double) is used.
-Gameplay: Disable Static Vehicle Popularity no longer blocks Random Vehicle Popularity at game start.
-Bugfix: Fixed Memo warning moving when resizing memo window.
-Bugfix: Fixed list page reset when using Mega Menu End Production and Stop Selling tools.
-Bugfix: Fixed rare condition that allowed the player to build one extra branch when branch limits setting is enabled.
-Bugfix: Fixed small font in production lists when Auto Production is enabled. This might cause a regression.
-Bugfix: The game will now load the next memo after deleting a memo.
-GUI: The game will no longer recenter the Components Modification window after using end production.
-Bugfix: Removed broken predesigned vehicle.
-Bugfix: Fixed Branch Operations report breaking when city sales reports are disabled.
-Bugfix: Removed misleading window title for refit components popup.
-Gameplay: Player now receives a stock split memo for their own company.
-Gameplay: New component and vehicle type memos are now checked on the 12th month of the year instead of the 1st.
-Gameplay: New racing series memo now appears 13 months before start. Memo wording might cause issues in the future.
-Gameplay: Racing Series and Non-Manufacturer Racing contracts now generate their own memos.
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