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Hello everyone! I have another bugfix update for you.

This time we have ten bug fixes, one of which is an exploit fix. We also have two gameplay changes, one of which may harm your company if you solely rely on racing contracts. And two engine changes, one of which allows you to increase GUI scaling to triple the normal size.

In other news,

The first milestone in our crowdfunding efforts for additional GearCity content is now over 1/3rd of the way funded. We continue to need your support to reach our milestone goal. If you enjoy the game and would like to see more content for it, please consider contributing. You can find more information here:

Work continues on GearCity documentation, but my primary focus is on the next product, AeroMogul. It is progressing well, and we have already shown off a few sneak peeks to Feature Bounty contributors.

Change Log:

-Bugfix: Cyrillic font not displayed when using CJK language.
-Gameplay: Reduction to racing contracts unit requests.
-Bugfix: Fixed volume settings reset after updates.
-Bugfix: Fixed Research Teams exploit that allowed the player to enter any value into the text boxes.
-Bugfix: Fixed typo in English newspaper articles.
-Gameplay: The "Enable All Vehicles At Start" option now removes year limits to premade designs.
-Bugfix: Fixed unassigned contracts popup that would appear when you are not producing the monthly requirement, even if you are producing more than the remaining units needed.
-Bugfix: Fixed Munitions Factory Destruction Memo from firing when you are not making munitions.
-Bugfix: Added contract sales to Total Delivery Costs calculations
-Bugfix: Fixed sorting issues with Datatables for numbers with '$' and ',' characters.
-Engine: In-game settings now allows for a +200% increase in UI Scaling. This is up from our +100% scaling.
-Bugfix: Fixed bug that prevented the components redesign button from showing if you clicked certain models in a certain order.
-Engine: If you launch the game "offline," the game will now periodically check to see if you have connected to the game distribution client to log your achievements.
-Bugfix: Fixed a problem with our internal scripting that was causing unnecessary files to be uploaded to distributors. Those extra files should be removed with this update.
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