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[$1000] #302 | Redesign Lists using Multi-columns | Requires: #300
Price: $1000

Description: Armed with the new multicolumn list widget, I will go through the game and replace the old lists widgets. The new lists will have multicolumn support. They'll also be sortable and filterable.

If Bounty #301 is also funded before this bounty, I will do additional redesigns to add widgets such as logos, buttons, and text boxes. Otherwise, those improvements will have to be in another bounty.

Requirements: #300

Required By: None

Concerns: This bounty does not charge enough money for the amount of work. And the situation is even worse if I do the redesigns for #301 in this bounty.

Eric's Opinion: I think multicolumn sortable and filterable lists will greatly improve GC's UI. Because of that, I have discounted the bounty to help it get funded.

Links:  It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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