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[$300] #299 | Price Change Cooldown
Price: $300

Description: One common tactic many players use is frequently changing the vehicle price monthly. Price changes doesn't happen very often in real life. This bounty would impose a cooldown time after changing prices as an optional feature. After setting a price, a player will not be able to change the price again for another 6 to 12 months.

Players will emphasize using the tools, specifically the Buyer Rating and Estimated Sales tables, before making pricing decision.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Many players don't know of the Buyer Rating and Estimated Sales tables. This bounty would slow the player's ability to react, which is not wholly realistic. It might serve us better to give a buyer rating penalty for each price change and have that penalty reduced every turn if it is not changed.

Eric's Opinion: This issue is a major design flaw in the game that I did not intend. I had hoped the inclusion of the sales estimation system chart would have reduced people playing around with prices until they found a sweet spot, but it did not. So something like this cooldown is another option to force more realistic and restrictive gameplay standards.

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