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[$300] #287 | Racing Catalog | Requries: #137
Price: $300

Description: We will create a model comparison page for past and current race vehicles and components, similar to the one found in the Showroom. This page is accessible via the racing room, and you can launch it with automatic selections from the racing windows.

Requirements: #137

Required By: None

Concerns: Button placement for quick launch via Racing might require more GUI space.

This is a duplicate system of what is in the Showroom. It's mainly a QoL feature because you can launch it from the racing room. Is that worth it?

Eric's Opinion: For folks who want to compare their racing designs with other racing designs, it's a pain in the rear to go to the Showroom and find the designs from the list. It would be easier if you could do it straight from the racing room itself.

Links:  It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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