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[$1500] #279 | Windows ARM Port | Requires: #147
Price: $1500

Description: This bounty natively ports GearCity to Windows ARM. Meaning many new Windows ARM computers will be able to play the game without the need for architecture translation.

The bulk of this bounty will go to buying an ARM-based Windows machine and dealing with any issues porting the software to it.

Requirements: #147

Required By: None

Concerns: From what I have seen, most chipsets are Qualcomm. I am not sure they can graphically support running GearCity without an OpenGLES renderer. The only information I found quickly is that they do support DirectX 9 and newer. So we will have to hope for that.

I am hoping the cheaper models (Under $500) will be able to handle the game. There isn't much bounty money to buy the upper-end machines, like the Surface-X.

Eric's Opinion: Microsoft occasionally tries things with ARM and then backs away. This latest attempt seems to have more backing than the last two times I've seen Microsoft push ARM. So it might actually be here to stay. It's a good idea for us to maximize performance on these machines in case they become more mainstream.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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