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[$1500] #278 | MacOS ARM Port (M1+) | Requires: #150
Price: $1500

Description: This bounty natively ports GearCity to macOS ARM. Meaning Apple M1, M2, and any additional AArch64 processors they make between now and then.

As mentioned above, with this bounty, GearCity will run natively on ARM-based macs without the need for architecture translation (Rosetta).

The bulk of this bounty will go to buying an ARM-based mac and dealing with any issues porting the software to it.

Requirements: #150

Required By: None

Concerns: I address most concerns for this port in Bounty #150. There might be some headaches with third-party libraries.

Eric's Opinion: Apple will eventually do away with supporting X86_64 in typical Apple fashion. This bounty should future-proof us until they implement the next big thing.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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