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[$20000] #277 | Linux POWER Port
Price: $20000

Description: This bounty ports GearCity to POWER9 using a TalosII system. This bounty is quite the undertaking, as it will require purchasing a Power9 system. The cheapest one offered by Raptor Computer Systems is $5,165.00 at the time of this writing. If a cheaper SBC appears capable of running GearCity, the bounty price may go down. Such SBCs have not reached the market yet.

It will also require me to build Chromium from patches and porting CEF, similar to the efforts of the *BSD ports.

Because Chromium has no official support on POWER, and CEF is not ported, this bounty has a high risk of failure. As mentioned in our rules, we will return bounties values to the milestone funds if we fail. But we will not reimburse voting points to your account.

This bounty is not for Apple PowerPC running Linux.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Porting Chromium and CEF to POWER will be difficult. If I fail, the hardware costs are out of my pocket.

Eric's Opinion: Raptor's POWER9 machines are just awesome. Indirectly, this bounty is probably just a way for me to get my hands on it. The number of people paying for a POWER9 machine who want to run GC natively is likely very small. But hey, they have a POWER9 desktop, so maybe they can afford this bounty. Smile

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!

Links for me:
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