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v2.0.0.6 Patch
Greetings everyone!

I have for you all a small bug fix update. It's mostly tidying up a few things that were reported to me since the last update.

Change log:

-Engine: Added Additional Error Checking to Prevent Rare Vehicle Design Crash.
-Bugfix: Fixed Borderless windows in-game setting in Windows.
-Maps: Updated UA city names on Base City Map names to IATA standard.
-GUI: Fixed some text alignment issues in the Japanese Language File
-Web: News page is now separated based on which game distribution platform you are using.
-Engine: Fixed issues with the Chat system that prevented it from working on 64-bit builds.
-Engine: Fixed browser not redirecting to an internal error page when a report isn't found or when you're offline.
-Engine: Created offline pages for news and manual. The latter will have a static manual once we complete the manual.
-Translations: Updated Translations, added Ukrainian support.
-Gameplay: Minor tweak to Morale increase when paying good wages.
-Gameplay: The game will now only sell a fraction of shares when you run out of money instead of all your share of a single entity.
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