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[$1000] #259 | More Racing Requirements | Requires #258
Price: $1000

Description: This bounty adds additional restrictions to racing series, such as minimal and maximum HP, banned sub-components lists, and approved sub-component lists.

We'll also include a setting that will allow the game to change or introduce racing requirements if a team is winning too many races. For example, they might introduce a maximum HP level or ban a subcomponent if someone is outclassing everyone else in the series. This setting would be optional.

Requirements: #258

Required By: None

Concerns: The first part of this bounty would add a bit more UI to the restrictions panel. We need to make it clear to see what you can and can't use.

The second part of this bounty might piss some people off. But that's why it's an optional setting. Most racing series won't let one team run away with it year after year after year. Instead, they'll pull in the rules to make it fair to everyone. This will hopefully give the AI a little more of a fighting chance. 

Eric's Opinion: More restrictions make it more realistic, especially the second part of this bounty. Most racing series won't let you run your 800hp engines when everyone else is producing 300hp.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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