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[$35,000 TBD] #244 | Visible Components | Requires: #67
Price: $35,000 TBD

Description: This bounty brings visible components to RnD.

The designer works differently from the vehicle designer. When you make sub-component selections, it will change the model displayed on the screen. When you adjust sliders, such as width/length, it will change the model on the screen.

We may allow you to select different models when are multiple sub-component models available. But that is not certain at this time.

The bounty for this feature is still to-be-determined. We'll come up with a more exact number the closer we get to funding it. As of now, I estimate this bounty will require about 170-200 3d models. Some of which will require morph animations.

Requirements: #67

Required By: None

Concerns: There is a lot of artwork to be made with the many combinations of designs.

The quality of the visuals may not be the best nor entirely accurate, both of which will get some negative feedback.

Eric's Opinion: Originally, I intended to have a visual components designer in the game, but I dropped the idea when it became economically infeasible.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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