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[$8000] #206 | 2021 - 2030
Price: $8000

Description: This bounty adds 20 additional years to the end of the game. Hell, the game took so long to make that we blew by the end of the game already!

This bounty will include artwork for all vehicle types in the game present in this era. Formulas will remain locked to their "overtime" values, but we might still need to tweak them some.

We'll also include historical events and make up some additional events.

This bounty will open the door to an additional 10-year bounty (2030-2040), and so on.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: The major issue with this bounty is the number of new vehicle types we add to the game. Presently, GearCity has 30 vehicle types, which means 30 new vehicle models. If we add 10 more vehicle types to the game before funding this bounty, it will increase the capital cost for this bounty by 33%. I have padded the price to compensate for that, but I still will likely lose money on this bounty.

Eric's Opinion: The game ends in 2020. we released the game in 2022. That alone means we should probably fund this bounty.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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