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[FIXED v2.0.0.5] Factory moral report wrong.
During the Winning early racing challenge I recently did, I discovered this weirdness with Factory moral.

I just bought Gordon Brull and I started getting moral warnings from the Liverpool factory. Looking in HR Liverpool show as 100% Moral but the Paris factory is at 86%.

So I upped the autowage margin to max.

I few turns later all factories is up at 100%

Then 2 turns after that Liverpool suddenly drops to 81 %

Looks like HR is not showing moral correctly after a takeover.

Attached Files
.zip   moral report wrong city bug .zip (Size: 7.69 MB / Downloads: 37)
.zip   moral (Size: 7.93 MB / Downloads: 37)
.zip   moral (Size: 8.23 MB / Downloads: 36)

The issue was a display bug, I have fixed that.

Also you won't get a low morale memo now if you're not using the factory. AP system avoids factories with low morale.

Changes are in the v2.0.0.5 update.
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Thanks for the feedback. I guessed it was some sort of display error.

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