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[$1200] #194 | Joint Partnership
Price: $1200

Description:  This bounty would allow players to create joint partnerships with AI companies. It would give the partnering company a royalty-free license to the design for covering some of the development costs. In addition to the royalty-free license, one company may also be designated as the manufacturer, giving the other company an outsourcing contract for that design.

Using the Licensing/Outsourcing/Platform Sharing window, you'll be able to shop your in-development designs for a partner. You can seek AI companies open to partnering with their designs. Negotiations will go on in that window.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Companies often won't design components unless they need them or have funding. So we will need to make some sort of designer for the AI that doesn't actually start the design. Instead, those designs wait for a partner.

The UI might be a little cumbersome.

We'll need a way to prevent the player from canceling this outsourced contract if they're chosen to be the manufacturer. Else make a heavy penalty.

Eric's Opinion: Joint design partnerships are happening more frequently in the industry as vehicle designs become more complex and costly. This system will implement them into the game using existing systems.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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