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[$500] #167 | Gearboxes For Electric Motors | Requires: #164
Price: $500

Description: This bounty adds gearbox types that you can only use with electric engines. The benefits of pairing an electric motor with a transmission are better performance and range. The downside is that it uses less dependable parts. The better performance and range allow companies to use smaller batteries, thus making EVs cheaper.

We'll add a checkbox to the gearbox designer's component selection window to signify you are designing a gearbox for electric motors. That will limit the component selection system to show only gearbox types that work with electric engines.

Requirements: #164

Required By: None

Concerns: The idea of putting a checkbox to limit the options in selection lists might not be a good UI design.

This bounty could result in more work than planned if there are complications with pairing electrics and gearboxes.

Having gearboxes work with specific engine layouts might confuse novice players. We need some better warning systems.

Eric's Opinion: Currently, the game allows you to pair any gearbox with an electric motor. We resolve that in #164. But some electric cars do use gearboxes. They'll likely become more commonplace in cheap/lower-end electric vehicles. This bounty lets us get ahead of that trend before it becomes a thing.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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