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[$400] #165 | Electric Motor Count | Requires: #164
Price: $400

Description: This bounty adds the ability to select the number of electric motors on the vehicle from 1 to 4.

Additional motors will boost vehicle performance and handling. This will have to be done on the vehicle calculations and not the chassis calculations.

If we implement motorcycles or trikes, you won't be able to use more motors than you have wheels.

You will only be able to pair a direct drive transmission if you have more than 1 electric motor.

We may add combinations of direct and transmissioned in a future bounty.

Requirements: #164

Required By: None

Concerns: Adding formula code specifically for the engine count will complicate the vehicle creation formulas.

Letting the user know they can only direct-drive electric engines if they have more than 1 motor might not be optimal.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty fixes one of the flaws in the electric engine systems. There is a bit of custom code and artwork, but it should detract too much.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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