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[$500] #161 | Corruption and Build/Costs | Requires: #68, #73, #118
Price: $500

Description: The factory build formula needs some major tweaking in GearCity classic. More remote (lower ratings) should take more time. Likewise, cities with high infrastructure, regulations, and corruption should take longer. Lobbying should speed up these cities' build rates.

This bounty adds corruption levels to the national variables. Corruption will affect factory build times and factory/branch operating costs. Lobbying will be the key to getting things done in high corruption cities.

Requirements: #68, #73, #118

Required By: None

Concerns: The current formulas aren't particularly bad, but there are a few edge cases where the build times don't make much sense.

Historical corruption data will be difficult to obtain.

We need to keep corruption costs low enough that the player will still operate in high corruption nations but high enough that the player notices enough to lobby. It will be a balancing act.

Eric's Opinion: This fixes some issues with factory build times in GearCity Classic. It also adds a corruption index to the game, which will increase the need to lobby to reduce inefficiencies, extra costs, and red tape. The hard part will be balancing the effects of corruption to make it noticeable but not breaking.

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