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[$100] #131 | Revise Vehicle Unit Price Updates | Requires: #93
Price: $100

Description: Currently, the game reduces the prices of old designs and vehicles based on time and the number of units produced. But the game does not recalculate vehicle prices based on the decline of the component costs. For example, an engine shared by several vehicles is likely to have a greater price decline over time than a single-vehicle model that uses the engine because of the number of engine units produced.

This bounty will periodically recalculate the price of vehicles using the current component prices rather than only the vehicle's decline in price.

Requirements: #93

Required By: None

Concerns: The current price decline system prevents price exploits. There is a chance that by recalculating prices properly, we'll introduce exploits.

This bounty will likely degrade end turn performance. That is the primary reason why I did not implement it originally.

Eric's Opinion: While the current code does a good job at price declines, there are still edge cases where a user can drive down component prices faster than a vehicle's price decline. This bounty fixes these issues by fully recalculating the vehicle price for each decline, instead of estimating a value decline.

Links: I talk about the problem here.

It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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