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[$300] #117 | Government Merge Blocks | Requires: #118
Price: $300

Description: In real life, many nations have the power to sue to block the merger or acquisition of a company because it could create a monopoly or lead to reduced competition. This bounty will implement that feature. The government will block your company from purchasing another company if your relations with that government are low and/or there is a small number of companies in that nation.

The game will use the advanced lobbying system as a factor in its decision to block your purchase.

Requirements: #118

Required By: None

Concerns: In-game worlds with few companies, there is a chance the government won't ever let you merge. We'll have to have some additional rules for smaller game worlds.

Eric's Opinion: Anything that lets me showcase  bribing government officials the lobbying system is great in my book. Governments blocking major acquisitions and mergers in the name of competition is a great way to prevent mega-companies and make players bribe lobby governments more. 

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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