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[$500] #101 | Concept Cars | Requires #100, #57
Price: $500

Description: In real life, companies make halo cars that they never intend to sell. They're called concept cars. Design characteristics of these vehicles make their way into the more practical production vehicles. And the companies show these concept cars off in marketing and at marketing events like car shows.

This bounty adds a toggle to the vehicle designer that designates a design as a concept car. As a concept car, you will not be able to sell, license, produce, race, create new trims, or create new generations of the design.

You will be permitted to market the concept car and show it off in car shows. You also get a design costs discount for the concept car's design. 

The concept car will improve your marque's image ratings and design skills. It will also improve the vehicle image ratings of all designs of the same vehicle type for that marque.

Requirements: #57, #100

Required By: None

Concerns: Some players will want to be able to make their concept a production vehicle. We'll have to stand firm on that because of the discounts.

This bounty importance hangs on how well we implement car shows in the game.

Eric's Opinion: Players already make halo and concept cars for role play reasons. They don't do much other than the benefits they give to skill points. This bounty gives a good reason to make such vehicles. If combined with increased difficulty to sell high-end designs and increased marketing power in the game, this bounty creates a reason for players to make impossible halo cars, not for sale, but for marketing.

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