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[$2500] #100 | Car Shows | Requires: #79
Price: $2500

Description: This bounty adds the occasional regional and sub-regional car shows to the game. You'll be able to select the vehicles you want to show at these shows. Your vehicles and brand will gain or lose image points based on how well your shows go.

We will tie the system together with the marketing system. You'll receive a memo about the results of the car shows, but there won't be any major fluff pieces in this bounty.

Requirements: #79

Required By: #101

Concerns: Additional layers of GUI to add to the game. Players might want more fluff than a memo telling them how well it went.

Eric's Opinion: On its own, the feature is meh. But when you add more fine-grain image ratings, revisions to the marketing system, and stuff like concept cars, the car show system becomes much more valuable.

Plus, who doesn't love TVR's Miss Jones?

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