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[$200] #95 | Autoproduction Sub-Regional Restriction | Requires: #89
Price: $200

Description: This bounty adds a sub-regional restriction system to the Autoproduction system. This system works just like the Regional restriction, except it uses the sub-regions added in #89. That will allow players to have smaller shipping ranges than the traditional Regional restriction.

Requirements: #89

Required By: None

Concerns: Sub-Regions are likely to be much smaller than regions. Many hangups with players with the current Regional Restriction is not having enough production lines in a region for all their models. This will only increase that issue because you might only have a handful of cities in a sub-region.

Eric's Opinion: One major complaint with the regional restriction is the long-distance shipping of a region. This bounty will split those big regions into smaller ones and allow the AP to use them. That should help shipping costs for people who don't like AP's shipping costs burden.

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