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[$500] #94 | Sales Caching | Requires: #93
Price: $500

Description: With sales caching, we're taking Buyer Rating Caching (#94) one step further. With this feature, we'll figure out the sales of a vehicle in advance and store that. This bounty would let us bypass the entire sales system, except for adding minor variations to the sales figures.

The main goal of this bounty would be to speed up turn time processing with minimal impact on gameplay.

Requirements: #93

Required By: #114

Concerns: We might not see the performance gains we're hoping for. We'll also be losing a little bit of nuance in the buyer rating calculations.

Players who constantly tweak things might render this feature worse for turn-times by constantly marking everything dirty internally.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty is one of our best shots at speeding up turn times further than we can with the Buyer Rating Caching. This feature will probably be the maximum we're able to speed up this system, short of the work in the Multi-threading bounty.

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