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[$1000] #71 | Individual Gear Ratio Selections | Requires: #69
Price: $1000

Description: This bounty allows you to select individual gear ratios for individual gears. That would allow you to maximize engine performance, fuel economy, acceleration, or speed at any given time during the vehicle's motion.

This bounty will require the power bands chart, and we'll need to work more details into it and other spec calculations in the game.

Requirements: #69

Required By: #108

Concerns: Making this bounty work well with the existing specs system will be somewhat of a challenge. It might be difficult for players to set gear ratios during the Gearbox design phase when the effects are applied during the vehicle design phase.

The bounty also increases the complexity of the designing process, which probably most users won't find appealing. We can, however, probably help those players with pre-set or simple AI set ratios.

Eric's Opinion: As we get more and more specs and features integrated into the component/vehicle design system, this feature is likely to become a more viable thing. Most players probably won't want to fiddle at this low of a level, but there are always some that do.

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