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[$5000] #53 | Trim System Revised
Price: $5000

Description: This bounty removes the existing vehicle trim system and replaces it with a new system that doesn't require creating additional models.

The old trim system required you to make a new vehicle design for each trim level and marque badge. The new system does away with this by allowing you to set optional engine and gearbox components when you're designing the base model. You'll also have access to additional sliders to tweak your trim design and set a name/marque.

These tools are accessed through the advance and assisted designer system. We'll also have to replace the New Trims system to give you access to the new system.

We will merge trims and marque rebadges that share the same components and base models together in the branch, factory, and other windows.

Merged trims will share the same production lines. Internally, we will move the production calculations to after we calculate sales. Similar to how we do auto production. The game will then break down which trims are made based on those sales, with the most expensive (unit costs) models prioritized first. Excess production will then be split evenly between the models.

The branch systems will automatically have a lite version of merge trims enabled. This option will only merge trims with the same components and base models. So trims with different components will be separated entities. You can further combine those like the past merge trim system. Or split them all apart to manage prices individually.

Internally, the trims will still be separate entities, much like the old system.

In interactive lists like "View Vehicles" or "Contract Bids," we will merge the trims into their base vehicle. We will provide an additional dropdown to select between the trims/marques of the base model.

In reports, we will merge all trims into the same entry/row as their base models. However, we will add the trim's information indented below the base model. This is similar to the showroom components report.

Requirements: #49

Required By: None

Concerns: This is a very complex ticket that will rely heavily on the ability to merge trims.

Some users might want more control, which this bounty would remove some of that control from the game.

The goal of this bounty is to reduce the amount of entries from "Trim spamming" without removing trim spamming. The loss of fine control and possible bugs could make us unable to achieve this goal. Or it could make the same users who trim spam not like the new system because it lacks fine control of managing individual models.

We don't want to remove the ability to trim spam because real-life companies often make many different trims of their models. So we can't completely remove the incentive to make trims.

There is a chance that some of the ideas will not work as well as written. There are many "gotchas," that could break the game or the concepts laid out here.

Some players might have difficulty finding "hidden" trims because we don't bluntly display them in the lists. Instead, they're children inside the base model entry.

Finally, this is a big-ticket item that touches on nearly every aspect of the game that lists a vehicle. It's a lot of work, and there are a lot of unknowns to how well it will work and if users will like it. It will be a great shame if I have to scrap much of this work and give up some of the bounty for any reason after devoting a month to implementing it.

At a minimum, we should be able to revise how you make a trim directly from the Advance and Assisted designer windows.

Eric's Opinion: This is a big bounty that touches on nearly every part of the game. The goal is to reduce micromanagement for trim spamming players without completely breaking that feature. This comes at a loss of fine control over your individual models and the issue of "hiding" models inside of list entries. Then again, is it better to have 200 entries in a list? Or is it better to have a list of 20 entries and then have 5 additional entries after selecting the first entry? I think people will complain either way.

In short, if we want to keep trimming realistic, and we don't want players to manage 200 different individual models, this is the only way to go.

I think many hardcore, big company players will want this feature. I am not sure they will be willing to give up some of the control gameplay-wise to get it, though.

If this ticket fails, at a minimum, we can keep the trim making revision because that will be an improvement. And I'll refund 80% of the bounty to the next milestone.

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