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[$45,000] #47 | Unsynchronized Network Multiplayer | Requires: #45, #46
Price: $45,000

Description: Building off of the Play By E-Mail (PBEM) system, this bounty would implement a network interface for the exchange of the PBEM data between players. It will also allow real-time chatting, a registration system, and a lobby. The game will not allow players to play their turns simultaneously. Instead, only one player at a time will be allowed to play their turn.

Requirements: #45, #46

Required By: #48

Concerns: Networking code is not my forte. Luckily, I know some people if I work my way into a corner.

Game security, particularly anti-cheat, is likely not a high priority. Large companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and a lot of manhours to prevent cheating. We don't have those resources, and the game content, including save games, are open formats. I will do the best I can in this respect, but it will be advisable to play with people you trust.

Eric's Opinion: Multiplayer is the most commonly requested feature outside of new vehicles. This bounty brings networked multiplayer to the game. Although, because player turns are not synchronized, it's not ideal. It is the next step into getting fully synchronized multiplayer. 

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