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[$50,000] #46 | PBEM Multiplayer | Requires: #45
Price: $50,000

Description: This bounty adds a Play By E-Mail (PBEM) system to the game. That would allow you to play with remote players by passing turn files back and forth via email to each other. 

We will work off the base set by the Hot Seat multiplayer bounty to serialize all actions in the game into a single, transmittable file.

You can then email this file to the player you're playing against. They will then load the files into their save game and play their turn.

If the transmittable files are too large to send, we'll implement an automatic upload service for transmitting the PBEM files.

Requirements: #45

Required By: #47, #48

Concerns: Taking all the actions in the game and turning them into a serialized transmittable file will be a lot of work. There are over 150,000 lines of code to convert from saving to a database to saving to a text file.

Keeping AI and random actions the same on everyone's machines could require a significant amount of data to serialize. This would result in large files that could not be emailed with some service providers. In such a case, I would have to implement an upload that would work with the game and allow you to send other players a link to download the files. That would increase my server costs by an unknown amount.

Eric's Opinion: Multiplayer is the most commonly requested feature outside of new vehicles. This bounty is the next step to getting network multiplayer. PBEM system would do all the work we need to serialize data for network transmission. And because the Hot Seat bounty made most of the game work well in a multiplayer setting, I can charge less money for PBEM.

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