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[$75,000] #45 | Hotseat Multiplayer
Price: $75,000

Description: The bounty allows more than one person to play the game on the same computer at the same time.

This bounty will require major overhauls to parts of the game written after 2013 that the AI doesn't use. That was approximately when I dropped plans for a multiplayer build.

The work on this bounty serves as the base for other multiplayer bounties, therefore allowing me to charge less for them.

Requirements: None

Required By: #46, #47, #48

Concerns: This is one of the most complex features in the bounty system. Not because of hotseat multiplayer, but because it will require rewriting portions of the game that were not intended to be multiplayer. Luckily, some parts of the game were designed to support more than one player or the AI, so it is not all bad news. The main concern is the amount of time it will take. The current estimation is one year of full-time work to do it properly so that other systems can piggyback off it. But in all likelihood, once bugs are introduced to the system, it could take much longer than a year to get everything working smoothly.

Eric's Opinion: Other than new vehicles types, multiplayer is the most often requested feature in the game since its inception. While most people don't want hotseat multiplayer, it is the quickest way to get most of what we need to be done. The other multiplayer systems will expand on this bounty. That allows me to break apart what we need for full-network multiplayer into smaller, cheaper, and shorter segments.

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