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[$150] #37 | Fuel Price Directly Affects Vehicle Popularity
Price: $150

Description: Currently, vehicle type popularity depends on static values defined in the turnevents.xml file and dynamic values that depend on market share. Fuel prices mostly affect buyer ratings but don't affect vehicle type popularity. The game does not push as many consumers to buy better fuel economy vehicle types. So while a big truck with good fuel economy will sell better during a fuel crisis, those same truck buyers are not moving over to small cars the way they probably should.

This bounty will have fuel prices affect vehicle type popularities based on the vehicle type's fuel importance ratings. So in periods of a fuel crisis, more fuel-efficient vehicle types will see more of an increase in popularity, and less-efficient types will decrease. The change is dynamic over time based on the fuel price within a percentage range of the vehicle's popularity.

So when a crisis first happens, the popularity bonus will be small but gradually increase every month it continues. The bonus will never exceed a fixed percentage of the base popularity of the vehicle type.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: None

Eric's Opinion: I think this helps solve one of the many problems related to fuel price crunches in the game. There are still many other tickets that improve the gameplay in those eras.

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