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[$300] #36 | Adjustable Warranties for Individual Vehicles | Requires #34, #35
Price: $300

Description: This bounty gives the player the ability to set a warranty period for individual vehicles based on time and use (mileage). Higher warranties will cost players more money via the warranty expenses. But in doing so, it will boost the dependability and quality ratings in the buyer rating systems. Depending on the Marque warranty system, warranties may have their own buyer rating line item.

This system will work in conjunction with the Marque Warranty system. Adjusting the Marque's warranty will override individual warranties.

Requirements: #34 , #35

Required By: None

Concerns: Some players might find setting warranties for individual vehicles too much. Luckily, we're going to require the marque warranties before this system. So that players can adjust all a marque's warranties with one slider rather than doing each model separately. We don't have a good place in the UI to put this warranty system, but we will resolve that with the required tickets.

Eric's Opinion: The Adjustable Warranties for Marque's bounty will open up another avenue for players to increase their buyer's ratings. This item only expands the player's ability to fine-tune their company's products.

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