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[$300] #35 | Adjustable Warranties for Marques | Requires #34
Price: $300

Description: This bounty gives the player the ability to set a warranty period for all vehicles of a marque based on time and use (mileage). Higher warranties will cost players more money via the warranty expenses. But in doing so, it will boost the dependability and quality ratings in the buyer rating systems. Perhaps I may even work it into its own buyer rating line item.

Requirements: #34

Required By: #36

Concerns: Since this is warranties for marques and not individual vehicles, the system may not be as fined tuned as some players want. We also don't have a good place in the UI to put this warranty system.

Eric's Opinion: In the modern era, warranties are increasingly differentiators between established companies and companies trying to get a foothold in the market. So it would make sense to add the ability to adjust warranties to the game. Most of the groundwork is laid out for this already, and the Warranty Report (#34) bounty will flesh out more stuff needed in the game's internals.

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