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[$100] #26 | Quick Building Maps | Requires #22
Price: $100

Description: With the addition of many other building types, we'll need a quick way to see what buildings are where. Because of how condensed the map is, 3D models or icons placed on the map will probably not work. Instead, we'll have a quick menu with icons for each building type. Clicking on the building type will turn cities with those buildings to an offset color from the other cities.

The quick menu will also link to the current map's panel. That will allow us to delete the map button from the top menu.

Requirements: #22

Required By: #27

Concerns: Colorblind folks will not like us using more colors. We can fix that with the custom hotkey/colors bounty. Players will want a quicker way to view building in cities, but without a redesign of the entire mapping system, which isn't happening, that isn't possible.

Eric's Opinion: This item will need to be funded if we add more than the two building choices we have now.

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