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[$200] #24 | Move HQ Location | Requires #22
Price: $200

Description: You'll now be able to move your HQ to a location where you have a Regional HQ open. Your regional HQ will turn into a 'Tiny' or 'Small' HQ building, and your old HQ building will turn into a 'Large' or 'Gigantic' regional HQ.

The costs of this move will use the Gigantic HQ price for the city the player is moving to and an additional penalty based on the tax percentage difference between the two locations. The player will also be hit with image rating penalities.

The player will also be able to move a marque's HQ to a Main or Regional HQ. When the player is creating a Marque, they can select the main or a regional HQ as headquarters.

Requirements: #22

Required By: None

Concerns: We need to make sure that the cost will prevent most players from moving everything from a high tax city to a low tax city, just to exploit the limits to the game's tax system.

Eric's Opinion: Moving HQ is an often requested feature. I added the ability to move to an HQ city of a company you purchased, but players wanted more flexibility. This bounty should offer that while at the same time making sure it's not an exploit.

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