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[$2000] #14 | Simulate Engineering Firms | Requires #93
Price: $2000

Description: In real life, there are engineering firms that design components and engines specifically for contracts, but they are not vehicle manufacturing companies. 

In the game, we do not simulate these companies. They do, however, automatically win contracts if bids do not meet the minimum required score.

This bounty adds several engineering firms to the game that will make designs specifically for contracts and licensing. These companies will not go out of business, as they will only exist in the game to put engineering products up in the contracting system, so you no longer lose to an "Outside engineering firm."  Instead, you'll have to compete with an actual product instead of a minimum score.

Requirements: #93 AI Engine Redesign Bounty

Required By: #105, #242

Concerns: End turn performance is likely to take a hit. This is why it requires at least a buyer rating cache bounty. As of this writing, AI redesign isn't a bounty, but that might become a requirement too. We can probably do it without it, but we're going to have to touch much of the AI system anyway to implement this bounty.

The bounty will require a lot of work to integrate it into the AI system, but not have it do car manufacturing stuff, nor have it break the existing AI.

Eric's Opinion: While I think the current system of contracts requiring a hidden minimum score is fine, many people complain about losing to an "outside contractor." This bounty fixes that by putting engineering firms in the game, having them only design contracts and licenses, and putting actual products against your designs.

I'm on the fence about the need, but some people really want this, so here it is.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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