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[$4,000] #9 | Awards Presentation Video Cutscene
Price: $4,000

Description: The memo system will link a premade cutscene for when the player wins or is nominated for a GearCity Magazine award. The cutscene will be a simple video clip played in the in-game web browser window. Sadly, the content in this cutscene is static. So it will not say the name of the player's company, show the car, etc. We will automatically play the cutscene when the player wins a major award. The player can disable automatic playback of awards videos in the settings.

I expect this bounty will require approximately 20 premade videos, at approximately 10 to 30 seconds each.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: If done well, the cost for the video clips will outweigh the gimmick. I suspect most players will get bored of this after a few times winning the awards.

Eric's Opinion: I don't find static cutscenes bad, but I often don't think they're worth the money. Being a static video, I think the novelty will wear off quickly.

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