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[TBD $15,000] #7 | Interactive Museum Style Showroom
Price: $TBD Minimum $15,000 - We will determine the final price when milestone goals reach the minimum value.

Description: Redesign the showroom to make it more interactive. Replace the existing pedestal with an endless, seamless hallway that displays your vehicle designs to the left and right. In front of each car is an interactive info display. The player controls the camera like an FPS. They can walk up to the vehicle and press a key to read the information in the interactive display. The player will also have the ability to jump to any vehicle in the museum via the menus.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: A lot. This ticket will require an entire redo of the showroom building artwork. It will also need a dynamic camera, dynamic lighting, FPS camera movement, and seamless scene loading. Luckily many of that I implemented for a vaporware game using Beardgine, but I haven't touched that code in 13 years. I removed most of that from the engine and the current game.

Additionally, players who make many cars will have a long way to walk. The resource handling abilities to seamlessly display this many vehicles will increase computer requirements, especially if the new body artwork is much higher resolution.

Eric's Opinion: This is an interesting idea given to me by a handful of players over the years. I am not sure it's worth the time and effort to implement. There are a few headaches in getting the room to look good if we make it completely dynamic. Personally, I am against implementing this unless we replace all the vehicle artwork, and it looks fantastic. Even then, there might be a better use of the funds.

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