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[FUNDED] #1 | DLC Launcher
Price: $200 (2-Days)

Description: We will distribute feature bounty work via Steam DLC. We want the player to be able to pick easily between GearCity "Classic" (v2.0) and GearCity "TBD" (v3.0). The game also has three external tools included with it. So a launcher program to run any of the five binary files makes sense. This platform can also serve to launch any future iterations of GearCity (v4.0+), display news, and even update the program should we lose access to platforms like Steam.

I will write the program in QT4 because the game already includes it with the external programs.

Requirements: None

Required By: Required by all.

Concerns: None

Eric's Opinion: I will periodically self-fund bounties when we have good sales months. I am self-funding this bounty for the first milestone because all other bounties require it.

Links: None
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