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Predesigned Vehicle Drive!
Hello everyone! I am reaching out to everyone to help fill the Predesigned Vehicle system with your designs! Originally I planned on running a contest or a sweepstakes, but the legal requirements for my state is too much. It would cost more in legal expenses than the prizes offered. So sadly I had to cancel that idea. But if you still want to help out, you can!

If you want your designs in the game as premades, simply gather up your car files from the GearCity/SavedCars folder. (How To Get to Main Folder). Compress them in a zip file or any other compression type. And email them to Please include the "GearCity Car Submissions" in the subject line. Also include the name you wish to be credited, and license your work as CC0 “No Rights Reserved” so that I may reuse your work with the game. If you do not include the license, I will not add your vehicles to the game. You may also make special names for your vehicles, however this is not required. If no vehicle names are included, I will use the filename or randomly create one.

Please note, I reserve the right to not use your car files and to rename any file names, vehicle names, or author names for the designs as I see fit.

  • Navigate to the GearCity/SavedCars folder:
  • Compress the .car files you wish to submit
  • Email them to me:
  • Subject line: "GearCity Car Submissions"
  • Include a notification that you are licensing these files as CC0 "No Rights Reserved". An easy way to do that is to put: "I am licensing these files as CC0 No Rights Reserved" into the body of the email.
  • Please include the name you wish to appear in the game. If you do not wish to use a name, your submissions will be under 'Anonymous CEO'. Please remember, this game is distributed to tens of thousands of people. So if you don't want to use your real name, don't.
  • If you wish to include different vehicle names from .car filenames, please let me know.
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