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Easy Games to develope
(04-05-2022, 05:55 PM)ANiChowy Wrote: I am big fan of expansion packs and have a lot of distaste for DLCs, so it is good to hear that you feel the same way and will respect that with integrity as a developer, even though the far more lucrative way would be to nickel and dime everyone.

Well. There are hidden costs to bombarding people with DLCs. Ones that may or may not be realized with any impact ... depends on what market you are in. Children care far less about such things than adults.

Whoa, talk about bringing back an old post (7 years old).

Technically I will be distributing the Feature Bounty System as DLCs. Free DLCs, but DLCs. And you could make the argument that the FBS is sort of a nickel and dime. But I truly believe a crowd-sourced development as a service is the best way to go to 1) Allow folks who want to contribute the ability to do so, 2) Add more stuff to the game that the contributors want. And 3) Reduces the capital risk for me to make additional features and content for the game.

While I would have loved the game to continue to be as successful as the first year, and bankroll an entire expansion myself. It wasn't to be. Without the FBS, there is no game expansion. Although, I did extend the development five major builds than what I planned. So that was a little mini expansion in itself.

Anyway, there will be no $10 DLC car packs here. If the community can help me cover the costs for me to pay someone to make that car pack, everyone will get the car pack for free.
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