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Where are you guys from?
Born and raised in Israel. living in Grass Valley, California
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(01-02-2023, 04:06 PM)sexisbadtothebone Wrote: germany mv where cows and pigs live acres of wheat and ruy as too the baltic sea

Grew up on a cattle ranch myself. Luckily, we had dial up internet. Smile

(01-19-2023, 07:56 PM)Zaracas Wrote: I too am from Norway, a country which apparently has a thing for this game

Kristin Burdal, who did much of the original music for GC, is from Norway too.

Numbers-wise, it's more of a forum thing than sales.

Looking at unit percentages on Steam for the last 365 days:

USA 24%
Germany 14%
Brazil 9.6%
UK 7%
Japan 6.8%
Canada 4.2%
France 3.5%

Looking at Nordic countries:
Sweden 1.1%
Norway 1%
Finland 0.9%
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