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(08-31-2023, 11:57 AM)xjasilx Wrote: Hello All,

I am new to the forums and a new benefactor, still finding my way around, and have a question I don't think I've seen addressed before.  

Welcome and thank you!

Quote:  My absolute dream projects are a modern riff on Capitalism Lab and/or Wall Street Raider, a user-friendly commercial version of Vertonomics, and a full-featured nitty-gritty airline sim that is also not an MMO (hello everyone). No amount of economic detail is too much - and I mean that literally.

AeroMogul is not a broad economic simulator like Capitalism Labs or Wall Street Raider. But I believe it will be more economically in-depth than GearCity, while not the stock system will not be as in-depth as WSR.

I don't think Capitalism Labs is as in-depth in a specific industry as GearCity, but I admit, it's been many years since I have touched any of the games in the Capitalism series.

Quote:My dream for this game is to substitute the 'beefiness' of the car and component design aspects of GC with a robust economic model for AM which takes into consideration not just passenger and route dynamics but also freight, leasing, chartering, codeshares, brokering, the production cycles and reasonable routes for actual cargo types and economic drivers, and fluctuating reactions to supply and demand in not just ticket pricing but the overall economy as a whole. 

AM should implement many of these features, with the major exception likely being the depth of the cargo system depending on the amount of processing it requires.

Quote:I have no idea if this is reasonable - it's my own personal pipe dream.  I have seen Eric state things to the effect that the focus is not detailed plane design, a la GC, which is encouraging as it is consistent with the airline industry and my specific interests.  My hope/suggestion is for the enormous front end detail of GC to make its way into the back end of AM, allowing us to apply our own airline scope, scale, and strategy to a dynamic facsimile of the actual worldwide transport and logistics economy. And, to be clear, I respect and admire the degree of back-end detail already present in GC, it's the primary reason I purchased and enjoyed that game as well.

You are correct. The game is about running Airlines and not about running an Airline Manufacturer. So, there must be increased economic details, especially on the backend, to compensate for the lack of a "builder" style gameplay.

Quote:What is the current viewpoint/development path for the financial and non-passenger economy aspects of the game?  Is this something that's been discussed prior?  

I'll need a bit more specific about what you're asking about. The external financing system will likely be roughly in line with GearCity: 2nd Gear. Internal financial systems should be greater than GearCity. Directly or indirectly simulating non-aero-related industries is out of the scope of this game.

Quote:As you can probably tell I am very excited for the game and appreciate this community and the active and meaningful involvement of the Devs.  Thanks!!

Hopefully, AeroMogul will grow to meet your needs. Thanks for the feedback.
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