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GearCity Executive Secretary - A Report Utility for GearCity
This post covers what changed in each update.

September, 2022

 - Added the Geographic Comparison, Acquisition Advisor, and Company Detail reports
 - Added 15 new sub-reports to the Market Trends report, bringing it to 19 in total.
 - Three of those 19, including the pre-existing Fuel Type sub-report, can now be viewed by marque
 - Added the ability to double-click on a company in Company Profitability to view Company Detail
 - The program now remembers which folder the current file is in, so if you want to jump between multiple GearCity saves, that is now much more convenient (File -> Open).
 - Major optimizations to the Market Trends reports.  Data is now loaded asynchronously so the UI doesn't freeze if it's slow, and the chart itself draws up to 96% faster once the data arrives.

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